BEHG - CO2 emission fee

The Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG) stipulates that a levy must be paid on certain fossil fuels that cause CO2 emissions. This is levied in the form of certificates, which the corresponding plants that emit CO2 must purchase. Since 1 January 2024, waste incineration plants have also been subject to the SESTA regulation. The amount of the levy for the various types of waste depends on the fossil content and therefore varies depending on the waste code. The BEHG defines standard emission factors for numerous types of waste, which determine the number of certificates to be purchased and thus the price. The corresponding table with the conversion factors can be found below. Returo passes on the levy that the incineration plants have to pay 1:1 to the waste producers and also shows this separately on the invoices. Introduction of a special levy for waste incineration plants as a result of the amendment to the BEHG.

Employees of an incineration plant

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