Our clients in Germany and beyond

Since its foundation in 2007, Returo has ensured full capacity utilisation of the incineration plants in Bonn and Leverkusen.

This is made possible by a broad customer portfolio in Germany and other EU countries. Most of the waste that Returo processes comes from Germany. Within the EU, the waste is transported by rail or truck, as most appropriate for each individual case.

Abfallherkunft der Returo aus Deutschland

Origin of waste in Germany: Waste disposal is centred in the region: 78% of waste comes from NRW.

Waste origin 2013-2023

Origin Amount in t
Germany 1.651.050
Italy 179.840
Netherlands 96.750
Great Britain 47.350
Bulgaria 1.145
Luxembourg 400
Austria 280
Total 1.976.815
Abfallherkunft der Returo aus Europa - Waste origin 2013-2023

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