Our Services

In addition to our main task, which is the distribution of waste streams to various waste-to-energy plants, Returo also offers its customers many other services.

Returo has a great advantage: We have immediate access to the various sectors of activity within the Avea and Reloga Group. The following areas are particularly noteworthy for Returo's work:

Employees of an incineration plant

Material flow of the Reloga Group

Marketing and disposal of all municipal and commercial waste and recyclables; contact with external logistics partners.

Container service of the Reloga Group

Logistics services in Leverkusen and Rhein- and Oberberg.

Shareholder investments

Bottom ash processing plants, commercial waste sorting plants and landfills of various classes

Our service abroad

Transboundary waste transport is subject to strict official regulations. According to the guidelines of the Waste Shipment Regulation (EC) 1013/2006, a notification procedure must be initiated. A shipment can only take place once all the authorities involved have given their written consent. Returo is happy to coordinate and support you in this complex and time-consuming procedure.

Companies from the Netherlands, England, Italy and Bulgaria have been Returo's regular customers for many years.

Thanks to successfully completed notification procedures, the waste could be channelled to Returo's facilities or those of its partners without any problems. The current focus of Returo's international waste disposal activities is in Italy.

In order to be on site for its customers, Returo regularly attends international trade fairs: ECOMONDO in Rimini and IFAT in Munich.

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